Sunday, December 23, 2012

13 Blogs You Should Follow in 2013

 2012 is coming to an end and the new year is upon us. Here are 13 theology blogs in no particular order that are well worth your time to read in the year 2013!

    Rachel Held Evans is the author of "Evolving in Monkey Town" and her new book "A Year of Biblical Womanhood" just came out this year. She is a witty writer who takes gender equality seriously. My favorite part of her blog is the "Sunday Superlatives" she does highlighting the best from around the web each week.

    Trip Fuller and Bo Sanders serve up the best theological ingredients to brew your own faith on this blog. They also host the Homebrewed Christianity podcast, Homebrewed Christianity TNT (Theology Nerd Throwdown) Podcast, and now have Christian Piatt and Jordan Green hosting the Homebrewed Christianity Culture Cast. The podcast regularly has amazing guests so listen, read and enjoy the brew!

    Johnathan Wilson-Hartgrove is the founder of the Rutba House in Durham, NC and one of leading voices in the new monasticism movement. His blog over at Patheos is a powerful, personal look into the life of a new monastic.

   This brand new blog over at Patheos is a collaborative of emergent voices. Already the blog has featured Phyllis Tickle, Doug Pagitt, Michael Bobo and more. It could potentially be one of the best blogs of 2013 if they keep bringing in great thinkers.

    These guys bring some of the best videos on the web and they do it with regularity. If you don't believe me check out their Vimeo Channel. Stay updated with the most recent works they put out over at Patheos.

    David Grubbs, Michael Farmer and Nathan Gilmour discuss a wide range of topics from philosophy, literature and theology at their blog/podcast.

   Peter Rollins is a sought after writer, speaker and a master story-teller. His blog always has challenging and insightful posts, as well as updates on what he is up to. His new book "The Idolatry of God" comes out in January.

    Nadia Bolz-Webber is a smart and yes, sarcastic blogger. She is also the mission developer for House for all sinners and saints which is "an urban liturgical community with a progressive yet deeply rooted theological imagination."

    The same Christian Piatt who hosts the Homebrewed Christianity Culture Cast has his own blog. The Epic Church Sign Fails alone, is worth subscribing. It is seriously funny!

10. Theoblogy
    Tony Jones always seems to be kicking up dust on his blog. I really love it when he gets into arguments with Tripp and Bo from HBC. This a fun blog to read if you are looking for a little trouble.

11. ReKnew
    Greg Boyd is one really smart dude. This blog has plenty of videos to watch and more importantly a fair share of good ol' Open Theology, which I can't get enough of. By the way, if you haven't read "God of the Possible" you really should.

   Fred Clark is a self proclaimed "snarky, liberal, tree-hugging, pro-choice, pro-GLBT, peacenik, commie, evolutionist" but other than that he seems like an okay guy.

13. Peter Enns
    Peter Enns is rethinking biblical Christianity and he is doing an excellent job. Enns is a biblical scholar who specializes in the Old Testament and has taught classes at Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia), Harvard University, Princeton Theological Seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary, Lutheran Theological Seminary (Philadelphia), Biblical Theological Seminary, Temple University, and Eastern University. Even still his blog is not a bunch of Academic jargon, it makes for a very good read.

If you know if any other blogs you think people should be reading let me know.

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